Stranger in the night

Stranger in the night

And it's just me.

The one who can't recognize himself.

I try to say that I'm fine, but I know it is not, just a lil bit maybe. Being fine is something to be achieved? That damn thing is overrated.

It's impossible to always feel completely in control and "happy" with everything.

I'm out of flow, I want to get those pieces, but they never seem to end... I try, one by one and another, but they never seem to end.

Pieces scattered all around, memories of pain n' happiness.

Oh fuck, this bad mood gets me writing stuff.

I need to flow. I want to fix. I want to move. I want to improve. I need to get better.

"I didn't knew I was broken until I wanted to change." Heard this somewhere, a song probably.

It gets better, then worse, then stays, then goes. But it's probably like that for everyone, not that this is of any comfort for me, but you know.

Special thanks to Youtube and their emotional roller coaster sponsored playlists ¬¬

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